Piercing Info - Preparation

The importance of vitamin and mineral supplements in helping the body fight infection should not be underestimated. If the immune system is low, the piercing will take longer to heal. A zinc supplement is strongly recommended during the healing time as it is very good for the skin. Because of this it is strongly advised that you take a regular one-a-day multi vitamin for a month prior to your piercing, making sure zinc and vitamin c are included in the vitamins contents.

It is not advisable to consume alcohol the day before your procedure is due to take place. Do not drink alcohol on the day itself either. Alcohol thins the blood down considerably therefore you will bleed much more if alcohol is present in the blood stream.

Always make sure you have eaten a substantial meal at least two hours before your procedure is due to take place. This will make sure your blood sugar is at a level that will prevent you from feeling faint or actually passing out.